From diagnosis to remission

July 12, 2023

A 34-year-old male patient was admitted to a hospital department presenting with symptoms of general weakness, persistent fever above 38°C, leg heaviness, shortness of breath, and headache.

The training aims to familiarize platform users with the diagnostic standards, risk stratification, establishment of an accurate diagnosis, and selection of appropriate treatment strategies for patients with a specific medical condition.


Julia Malysheva

Yulia Malysheva


Hematologist, “Avicena” clinic, Cherkasy (Ukraine)
Preparation of a description of a clinical case,
development hematological patients counseling recommendations and nosology description,
preparation of nosology description, preparation
imaging by clinical case

Dmytro Hamov

Dmytro Hamov


hematologist of the regional hospital Cherkasy (Ukraine)
review of clinical case materials,
review of the hematological patients counseling recommendations and nosology description,

Competencies that will be acquired during the training

  • Definition of typical complaints and symptoms of nosology;
  • Communication with the patient;
  • Objective examination of the patient;
  • Analysis of the patient’s outpatient card;
  • Assessment of laboratory and instrumental examinations;
  • Patient risk stratification;
  • Classification of nosology;
  • Differential diagnosis;
  • Making a clinical diagnosis;
  • Designation of a diagnostic follow-up examination plan for the purpose of treatment;
  • Selection of 1st line of treatment depending on the risk group, age and physical condition of the patient;
  • Evaluation of indicators during treatment;
  • Determination of response to treatment.

Clinical case simulator



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