An interrupted symphony

April 30, 2024

A 74-year-old patient was brought to the hospital by the medical team, presenting complaints of pronounced general weakness, periodic dizziness occurring with minor physical exertion, and episodes of short-term loss of consciousness.

The goal is to familiarize platform users with the management algorithm for patients experiencing periodic loss of consciousness, including diagnosis features, clinical diagnosis formulation, emergency care, and long-term therapy tactics.


Zaikina Tetyana


Cardiologist, associate professor of the
Department of Internal Medicine No. 2,
of clinical immunology and allergology
named after Academician L.T. Maloi,
Kharkiv National Medical University,
Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Preparation of the description of
a clinical case,
development of patient counseling guide in
a particular pathology of the clinical case,
preparation of pathology description, preparation
imaging by clinical case, writing the layout of the script

Nataliia Lopina


simulation training platform
for continuous medical
education “ClinCaseQuest”
Reviewing materials of the
clinical case, the technical layout of the script, design
clinical case

Annual subscription to training


Clinical case simulator “An interrupted symphony” 

Generalization of the clinical situation “An interrupted symphony” 

Feedback “An interrupted symphony”    

Discussion before the training “An interrupted symphony”   

References “An interrupted symphony”    

Competencies that will be acquired during the training

  • Definition of typical complaints and symptoms;
  • Communication with the patient;
  • Objective examination of the patient;
  • Analysis of the patient’s outpatient chart;
  • Assessment of laboratory and instrumental examinations;
  • Establishing a preliminary diagnosis;
  • Differential diagnosis;
  • Designation of the patient’s follow-up examination plan;
  • Establishing a clinical diagnosis;
  • Designation of the diagnostic follow-up examination plan;
  • Assessment of laboratory and instrumental examinations of the patient;
  • Formulation of clinical diagnosis;
  • Choosing a treatment strategy for a patient.

The simulation training was created with the support of the USF Ukrainian Start-up Fund

“Dual-use Grant Support program”



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