Help Ukrainian startup “ClinCaseQuest”


Who we are?

We are the Simulation Training Platform for Medical education that was founded in Ukraine. We are a Startup in the Seed stage. 

What is the Simulation Training Platform?

The Simulation Training Platform “ClinCaseQuest” is the virtual platform with Virtual patients that are called simulators of clinical cases that allow students and doctors to receive clinical experience  in a safe patients environment that can help:

  • To reduce the years for the doctor to gain clinical experience 
  • To reduce the number of medical errors in the world
  • To save patients’ lives

What problem do we resolve with clinical cases simulators?

A problem is a great number of medical errors in the world. Medical error is now the third cause of death even in the US and is also high registered in the EU countries. Medical errors occur in 8% to 12% of hospitalizations in the European Union. While 23% of European Union citizens claim to have been directly affected by medical error. Evidence on medical errors shows that 50% to 70.2% of such harm can be prevented. One of the ways to reduce medical errors is through new formats of learning, for example, simulation training. 

The advantages of the Simulation Training Platform “ClinCaseQuest”

Advantages for students of medical schools
Gaining clinical experience while studying in medical school

Advantages for the Teachers of medical schools
Demonstration models for classes, detailed reporting, coordination of the learning process

Advantages for the Medical school
Introduction of new teaching methods
Сontrol and reporting on the educational process
Maintaining the competitiveness of the medical school

Advantages for physicians
Professional development
Communication with colleagues
Exchange of experience with colleagues
The assistance of colleagues in complex clinical cases
Facilitation of the daily tasks of doctors

Advantages for the Health care institution
• Reducing the number of medical errors
• Continuous professional development of doctors
• Maintaining the competitiveness of the Health care institution

Advantages for the patients
• Improving the quality of the medical care
• Reducing medical errors
• Improving the quality of life
• Life expectancy increasing

What help do we need?

The Simulation Training Platform ClinCasesQuest was founded in 2021 in Kharkiv (Ukraine). Given the outbreak of hostilities, the platform team was forced to evacuate. Also, during this time, we actively defended ourselves from hacker attacks and moved to a secure server, which requires additional financial costs from the platform team to keep the platform in working condition. At this time, we need financial support from all those who are not indifferent, which will help us continue our development and save the startup.

We are looking for B2B contracts and partnerships!



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