Registering on the Platform

In order to register on the simulation training platform “Global electronic database of clinical case scenarios” ClinCaseQuest “, you need to click “Register” in the upper horizontal menu.

Then, the user registration page with a special registration form will open. Please fill in the registration form, indicating:

  • your name and surname (enter the data correctly, because this information will be automatically entered by the Platform into your certificates, which you will receive from the Platform during training );
  • Your login (nickname) in Latin letters (this login nickname will be displayed to other users of the Platform as your nickname);
  • Your password, which must be at least 12 characters and contain letters uppercase and lowercase, numbers and symbols like! ”? $ ^ &

Pay attention to the password indicator – it should be highlighted in green, which means that the password is strong and protection of your account will be provided. If you do not comply with the password security requirements during registration, the first time you log in to the Platform, you will be asked to change the password to a more complex one, because the security of users and the privacy of their accounts is important to us.

In order for us to send you only relevant educational content according to your needs, you must then enter information about:

  • the institution where you work or study (place of work or study);
  • Your speciality, or planned speciality (if you are still studying)

Also indicate your:

  • country;
  • city;
  • phone number.

It is important to read the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service and the Platform Ethics.

Then confirm your registration and click “Submit”. You will receive an E-mail from the simulation training platform with a link to activate your account. Follow this link. After registering and activating the account, you will receive automatic E-mails from the Platform, which can be useful to start training together with “ClinCaseQuest”. The “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform is currently available in three languages:




Your personal login and password are universal on all three simulation learning platforms, and you can use them to log in to any language platform. This is important for the convenience of your international communication with colleagues.

✅ If you initially registered in the English-language version of the Platform, you will continue to receive messages in English. Join us now!
✅  If you initially registered in the Ukrainian-language version of the Platform, you will continue to receive messages in Ukrainian.
✅  If you initially registered in the Russian version, you will continue to receive messages from the Platform in Russian.

Register in the “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform to have access to practice-oriented content and share experience with colleagues around the world!

Register on our website right now to have access to more learning materials!

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User registration

  • Use only Latin letters and numbers.

  • Strength indicator

    Password at least 12 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols like! "? $ ^ &