Calculation Formulas of Scoring System: The Sokal, Hasford, EUTOS and ELTS Scores

Calculation Formulas of Scoring System of survival in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML): The Sokal, Hasford, EUTOS and ELTS Scores.

Sokal scoreExp 0.01 16 x (age – 43.4) + 0.0345 x (spleen – 7.51) + 0.1880 x [(platelet count/700)2-0.563] + 0.0887 x (blasts -2.10)Low risk: <0.8
Intermediate risk: 0.8-1.2
High risk: >1.2
Hasford score(0.6666 x age [0 when age <50 years; 1, otherwise] + 0.0420 x spleen + 0.0584 x blasts + 0.0413 x eosinophils + 0.2039 x basophils [0 when basophils <3%; 1, otherwise] + 1.0956 x platelet count [0 when platelets <1500 x I09/L; 1, otherwise]) x 1000Low risk: ≤780
Intermediate risk: 781-1480
High risk: >1480
EUTOS score(Basophils x 7) + (spleen x 4)Low risk: ≤87
High risk: >87
ELTS score0.0025 x (age/10)3 + 0.0615 x spleen + 0.1052 x blasts + 0.4104 x (platelet count/1000)-05Low risk: ≤1.5680
Intermediate risk: 1.5680-2.2185
High risk: >2.2185

Note: Exp – exponential function; Age is in years; Spleen is in cm below the costal margin; Platelet count is in * I09/L; Blasts, eosinophils and basophils are in percent of peripheral blood.
EUTOS, European Treatment and Outcome Study; ELTS, EUTOS long-term survival.

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