X-ray Heart Borders

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According to the radiograph of the chest, the boundaries of the heart are formed:

  • The right border of the heart is the superior vena cava, the right atrium. The anterior wall of the heart is the right ventricle.
  • Left border of the heart – aortic arch, left pulmonary artery, left atrium, left ventricle
  • The lower border of the heart is the left ventricle.

  • The right border extends between the margin of the third right costal cartilage to the sixth right costal cartilage just to the right of the sternum.
  • The left border extends between the fifth left intercostal space to the second left costal cartilage.
  • The inferior border extends from the sixth right costal cartilage to the fifth left intercostal space at the midclavicular line.
  • The superior border extends from the inferior margin of the second left costal cartilage to the superior margin of the third costal cartilage.

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