How to save and print certificates

How to print a certificate that you received on the “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform for practical training, clinical cases.

First, note that you need to be in the authorization mode, i.e. log in to the Platform with your login and password. Next, select the “My Certificates” tab. You can find it:

✅  in your account;
✅ in the drop-down menu;
✅  in the shortcut menu.

On the “Certificates” page, select the certificate you want to view or print and click on it.

What information does the Certificate contain?

It contains information about the person, who conducts the training, which organization conducts the training, the name of the training, your personal data, the date of your training, and your personal ID on the Platform. This ID is unique to you, and all certificates you receive in the simulation training platform belong to your personal ID.

Simulation training platform users have the following options: you can print a certificate or save it.

To print a certificate, press “Print”. Also, you can save it as an HTML file.  

To save the certificate in PDF, take a screenshot, open Power Point, insert a certificate image, crop the excess, and save a certificate in PDF. Learn with “ClinCaseQuest” quickly and easily! Print and save your certificates.

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