One profile – three platforms

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The “ClinCaseQuest” Global Electronic Case Scenario Database” is currently available in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian.

So that doctors around the world can freely share experiences, communicate, study, improve their skills.

After registering on the Platform your personal account is automatically created.

We have good news for you – you will have one login account for three platforms and can log in with one login and password on three platforms.

This is important for international communication

✅  If you initially registered in the English version of the platform, you will continue to receive messages from the simulation platform in English.
✅  If you initially registered in the Ukrainian version of the platform, you will continue to receive messages from the simulation training platform in Ukrainian.
✅  If you initially registered in the Russian version, you will continue to receive messages from the simulation training platform in Russian.

We will also consider your geolocation.

To study, you can choose a language that is convenient for you and undergo training, for example, in Ukrainian, and communicate with colleagues from other countries, for instance, in English. To check the correctness of the display of your profile on the simulation training platform, please visit the Ukrainian, English and Russian versions of the Platform. Make sure your profile photos and cover photos are displayed correctly. Add or edit them as needed for the convenience of your further international communication with colleagues.

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