Interactive OSCE Checklist – Counseling a Patient with an increased INR level


• Opening the consultation

• Ideas, concerns, complications and expectations

• Analysis of earlier, current INR results, apropriate INR target range and current warfarin dosing

• Analysis of the factors that may affect the increased INR level

• Providing medical care to the patient if necessary

• Bleeding whilst taking warfarin

• How to take warfarin

• Tips for further warfarin dosing according to the analysis of the reasons that led to the INR levels increase

• Lifestyle advice

• Yellow booklets and alert card

• Closing the consultation

• Key communication skills

• Key clinical skills

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Interactive OSCE Checklist – Emergency care of a patient with chest pain – Acute Coronary Syndrome with ST-segment elevation and equivalents


• Opening the consultation

• Availability of a defibrillator

• Presenting complaint

• History of presenting complaint

• Past medical history

• Drug history

• Physical examination

• Intravenous access

• Registration of a 12-channel ECG

• Express test for the determination of cardiac troponin, myoglobin, creatine phosphokinase-MB, if possible

• Making preliminary diagnosis

• Drug therapy (basic)

• Evaluation of the door-balloon time (the choice of further reperfusion strategy aimed as soon as possible to restore the coronary blood flow in the infarct-dependent artery)

• Call the nearest reperfusion center

• P2Y12 receptor inhibitor prescription depending on the chosen strategy of reperfusion therapy

• Carrying out thrombolytic therapy as needed

• Transportation to the nearest reperfusion center

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