The first 1000 registered users in the platform, the first year of the platform functioning

What about our first year, what can we be proud of, and what else should we work on next?

We are pleased to congratulate the users of the Simulation Training Platform and announce that, currently, 1,000 users from 13 countries registered before the eve of the first anniversary of the ClinCaseQuest.

We sincerely thank the users of the platform for this gift and joint development, the development of our international medical community. This is the contribution of each of you to improving the provision of medical care to the population. This is support for a new format for active medical decision-making in a patient-safe environment. This is our first common victory, and good luck!

Our users are:

  • practitioners of various specialties
  • students
  • interns
  • teachers of medical universities

During this year, we launched all three language versions of the platform, as well as carried out 100% translations of all simulation content, existing simulation locations.

This year, we laid the foundations of social learning and launched an internal social network to share experiences between doctors and improve learning outcomes in the platform.

We managed to lay the foundations for group training, group simulation training, open up opportunities for generating reports of various types for simulation training coordinators.

We had the opportunity to test different formats of simulation training and talked about the necessity for differentiated simulation training for different target groups.

We have written the first training program of the Simulation Training Platform ClinCaseQuest.

We did important work both in building logically connected chains of competencies and in defragmenting competencies.

We laid the foundations of m-learning (mobile learning) since most of our users are users using the training materials of the simulation learning platform from smartphones.

We developed following the concept of Customer Development, and all materials were reviewed by practitioners, we strived to get closer to Product-Market Fit and continue to move in this direction.

To demonstrate the depth and quality of clinical discussions in the platform, to introduce users to the platform, we have made a large amount of accompanying free theoretical content that can be used by platform users as pre- and post-training for simulation training.

We also did a lot to make the daily tasks of doctors easier, and one of our important achievements this year is that the virtual platform of simulation training began to participate in the real clinical decision-making process, which is especially nice – in different countries of the world, even those who have not yet decided for themselves to become part of our community.

We tested different hypotheses, received positive feedback from doctors.

We issued a lot of copyright certificates and protected the intellectual developments of the platform, the platform itself, the methodology itself, and this has become an important direction for our functioning and further development.

We have given two oral presentations at major European conferences on medical education.

We provided many internal training courses and lectures on methodology and technology. We laid the foundation for the entire internal infrastructure of the platform and intra-team interaction between different departments.

In annual dynamics, we had little experience as a provider of continuing medical education, this month was invaluable for further development, as we managed to collect important technical analytics that can give us a new round of history as early as 2022.

We are building an extraordinary simulation learning platform that combines training, communication, and facilitating the daily tasks of doctors. We are building Harvard, Hollywood, and the social network in a united learning environment.

This year, our content has been embedded in the distance learning platforms of medical schools, we thank our colleagues for their trust, we have been referred to in oral presentations by opinion leaders – and we are grateful for citing our publications and maintaining academic integrity.

We laid the foundations of marketing, learned how to hold promotions.

We provided a large number of negotiations, and received our first contract only at the end of the year as a hope that we would be able to overcome the “death valley of startups”.

We are at the initial stage of our development, but a lot has already been done in the first year of our formation from the foundation, and we believe in the embodiment of further ideas and plans.

We continue to build the learning environment for active medical decision-making in a patient-safe virtual environment.

Thank you for being with us!


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