How to access the Platform

How to enter the ClinCaseQuest simulation training platform The “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform currently operates in three languages:

Communities created so that doctors can freely:

✅ in English
✅ in Ukrainian
✅ in Russian

You have one registration account for three platforms and can log in with one login and password on three platforms.

This is important for the convenience of your international communication with colleagues.

You can select the language platform you need for your convenience using the language tabs at the end of any platform web page. If you plan to join the training in the English version of the Platform, please log in at

To do this,  click “Login” in the top horizontal menu of the site.

The authorization page will open – enter your E-mail address and password, which you specified when registering on the Platform.

Click “Login”. This is how you authorize to the Platform! If the authorization is successful, you will see your username and user profile photo in the top horizontal menu. This is how you authorize to the Platform!

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