Why a doctor should register on the platform?

“Global electronic database of clinical case scenarios “ClinCaseQuest” is not only a platform for gaining new knowledge and skills, communication and exchange of experience between doctors, but also a facilitating tool for the doctors’ daily tasks.

By registering on the Platform, the doctor gets a wide range of opportunities:

 – for continuous training, that is:

  • training on the Platform on individual topics and nosologies;
  • passing interactive simulators of clinical cases (“practical experience in a smartphone in five minutes”);
  • training in branching scenarios for deep immersion in the clinical case and gain practical experience at the level of their own;
  • training in a mixed format;
  • interactive training;
  • getting an educational content by topics and specialities:
    • diagnostic criteria;
    • algorithms for providing medical care;
    • diagnostic algorithms;
    • thematic publications on nosologies;
    • abstracts;
  • testing in the questions bank of the Platform for control of knowledge on a particular topic;

 – for communication, that is:

  • communication with colleagues in discussions before trainings;
  • communication with colleagues via private messages using the Platform messenger;
  • communication with colleagues in medical communities of the Platform;
  • communicating with colleagues in the Platform’s news feed;
  • communicating with colleagues in the user’s own news feed;
  • receiving messages and notifications from the Platform;

– for facilitating everyday tasks:

  • medical online calculators and scales;
  • classifications;
  • diagnostic criteria;
  • medical care algorithms;
  • diagnostic algorithms;
  • thematic publications on nosologies;
  • abstracts.

Keeping your own profile on the Platform, adding information about your professional activities, clinical cases from your practice, keeping your personal news feed on the Platform, adding information to the news feed of the platform, discussing clinical cases in specialized medical communities will forever remain your personal contribution to the world medical experience, medical practice and medical education and will be your personal business  card in a specialized global network of clinical cases.

Demonstration of your professional experience will help you find colleagues, like-minded people, share experiences that will contribute to your professional development and advancement.

We would like to note that we guarantee your copyright for any content you post on the “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform, such as clinical cases from your practice, which you post in:

  • personal news feed of the user on the Platform;
  • Platform news feed;
  • specialized medical communities;
  • training discussions;

as well as any other educational content, and you are free to continue publishing it in the world’s scientific community, practical journals, making reports at conferences, etc.

So, sign up for a simulation training platform to always have access to practice-oriented content, communicate with colleagues and share experiences.

Register on our website right now to have access to more learning materials!

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