Communication on the Platform

For users registered on the “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform, there are wide opportunities for communication. “ClinCaseQuest” is not only an electronic clinical cases scenarios database, but also a powerful specialized social network for discussing clinical cases and exchanging experience between doctors.

We can now communicate using:

✅  platform news feed;
✅  user news feed;
✅  group discussions in the medical communities of the Platform by individual specialities;
✅  discussions after a particular training;
✅  private messaging with platform messenger;
✅  automatic messages from the simulation training platform.

In some topics we will discuss in detail all the possibilities for communication on the Platform.

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Clinical Presentation Alzheimer Disease

Learning Objectives: 1. Discuss the differential diagnoses of dementia 2. Identify the clinical manifestations of Alzheimer disease 3. Discuss the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease 4. Describe the …
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Computed tomography, CT, chest, chest structures, Chest CT scan

Chest CT Scan

To analyze a CT scan of the chest, imagine that the patient is lying on his back and you are at the foot of the …
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X-ray Heart Borders, X-ray, heart borders, radiological, radiology, heart x-ray, chest x-ray, heart borders on x-ray, determination of heart borders

X-ray Heart Borders

According to the radiograph of the chest, the boundaries of the heart are formed: The right border of the heart is the superior vena cava, the …
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