How to confirm a connection with a colleague

If one of your colleagues, registered users of the “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform, has sent a request to establish a connection with you, you will receive an automatic notification from the Platform about it.

Clicking on this message will take you to the connection request page in your profile.

You can also go to the “My Connections” – “Queries” page using the top drop-down menu. Select your profile and go to your own profile page. Next, select the “Connections” tab, then “Queries” and the action you want to take on that query.

You can accept or ignore the request, or you can click on the name or avatar of the user profile that sent you the request to view their profile.

After you click “Accept”– the contact is added to your contact list, which can be viewed on the “My Contacts” tab.

The user who asked you to connect will receive an automatic notification from the Platform that their request has been accepted.

At the same time, you will appear in the contact list of the user who asked you to connect.

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