Setting up E-mail notifications

While studying and communicating with colleagues on the “ClinCaseQuest” simulation training platform, you can set up the automatic notifications you wish to receive by E-mail.

Automatic Platform notifications will always appear in the top horizontal menu in the “Bell” tab, or in the drop-down vertical menu in the “Notifications” section – unread and read.

If you would like to receive notifications by E-mail, in the top drop-down menu, click the “Edit Account” tab. On the account settings page in the sidebar, select the “E-mail notification settings” tab. The “E-mail notification settings” page will open.

You can set parameters or receive the following E-mail notifications:

  • those related to communication in your activity feed (your personal user feed) – if a member referred to you in the post or one of the members responded to your post or comment (select “Yes” or “No”);
  • when receiving private messages in the Platform messenger – “The user has sent you a new message” (select “Yes” or “No”);
  • regarding activity in social groups (medical communities of the Platform), if:
    • the user invited you to join the group;
    • group information has been updated;
    • you have been promoted to group organizer or moderator;
    • a member is requesting permission to join a private group you lead;
    • your request to join the group has been approved or denied;
  • regarding forum activity (discussions, discussions) if:
    • a member responded to a discussion you signed up for;
    • a member created a discussion in the forum you signed up for;
  • related to peer connections if:
    • a member invites you to connect;
    • a member accepts your connection request.

Once you have selected the E-mail notification settings that are convenient for you, click “Save Changes”. You will now receive the notifications you have chosen to receive in your E-mail.

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