How to order the creation of a training group in the Simulation Training Platform

We have opened opportunities for group simulation / corporate training in the Simulation Training Platform “ClinCaseQuest” under the supervision of training coordinators. Training coordinators are responsible persons for coordinating the educational process in the platform from educational institutions and medical institutions.

To start using the opportunities to build a group learning, you need to order the creation of a study group for your medical school / medical faculty, or hospital/hospital department.

Training groups are set up for users who have ordered simulation / corporate training for medical school / medical faculty, or hospital/hospital department based on the agreement between the Simulation Training Platform and the educational institution or medical institution for continuing professional development.

Responsible persons – coordinators of simulation / corporate training from the educational or medical care institution, should be specified in the Agreement with the indication of surname, name, e-mail that will be used for registration and work of the responsible person in the platform. The number of groups required to coordinate the learning process on the platform by the educational institution or health care institution may also be specified in the Agreement and is unlimited at the request of the customer within the agreed number of participants.

Training coordinators may not increase the number of places in groups more than agreed in the Agreement at their discretion.

After concluding the Agreement and registering the users of the customer of simulation / corporate training, the training coordinator can fill in the form on the website “Request for the creation of training groups in the platform”.

But first of all, the Simulation Training coordinator must register in the platform, in the process of which an account and user profile will be created, so that the platform administrator can add a coordinator to the created training group immediately after training group creation.

For registration use the link

To view the materials about “Registration in the platform”

To order a study group, choose the “Request for the study group creation” tab from the top horizontal menu on the Cooperation tab or use the direct link

Next, fill out the application form for the creation of training groups in the Simulation Training Platform to ensure the implementation of simulation corporate training:

  • Last name, first name of the person selected by the educational institution / medical institution as the coordinator of the simulation training for the group.
  • Email of the simulation / corporate training coordinator in the group.
  • Name of educational institution, hospital, medical school, legal entities, and enterprises. The name of the group you want to create.
  • Name of the training/subscription within which the simulation / corporate training will take place.
  • The name of the group in the search bar is in Latin.
  • For example:
  • example
  • or other
  • The number of seats in the group. The total amount of places created in the groups required by the educational institution or medical institution must correspond to the number of agreed accesses in the main Agreement.

You can also enter additional information as needed. And also, if necessary, you can send a file.

You further confirm that you are familiar with and agree with:

  • Privacy Policy;
  • Terms of service;
  • Platform ethics.

Please read the information provided if necessary and click to send.

If specified by the customer as the simulator training coordinator, the ordered group will be created within 24 hours, and the simulation / corporate training coordinator will receive notifications from the Simulation Training Platform about the creation of the group and instructions necessary for the coordinator.

Join the coordination and passing of group simulation and corporate training in the Simulation Training Platform “ClinCaseQuest”!

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